Collective Energy Reading Results

The below collective energies or potentials are simply potentials. If they don’t apply in a literal way, they could apply symbolically.


The Karmic Scales: There could be positive changes to the justice or legislative system, or which make sure people’s rights are protected.

Dashing Through the Snow: A well-publicized event, talk, summit, or election may be delayed due to unavoidable obstacles or circumstances.

Bottled Up: Someone may be taken hostage, or attention is drawn to a group or culture that’s oppressed.

Near Future

Feng Shui Butterfly Reversed: The real estate market or other markets might not be doing well or experience a lull.


Going Off-Grid Reversed: Laws are enacted, or measures taken, that make it harder to go off-grid.

Ice Storm Reversed: A leader, celebrity, group, or platform that once faced intense difficulties or criticism may now find relief or support.

Long-Term Future

No Place Like Home: There could be an increased desire to make sure this planet is a peaceful, clean, and healthy place to call home.

Forest Afire Reversed: Too much overspending could lead to economic instability or increased inflation or debt.

The Clock is Ticking: Extreme temperatures may cause vulnerable members of the public to experience heatstroke or dehydration.


Global and Healing Message

Fungi Funeral Reversed

Fungi Funeral ReversedIf you’ve drawn this card, its advice is to examine the tendency in Western culture to ignore problems until they can’t be ignored any longer, and to then seek a quick-fix solution. While in the short term, quick-fixes might seem to make a situation better, in the long-term, they can lead to a situation becoming worse. It’s only natural that problems arise in the world (like they do in your body) to bring attention to them. They communicate that change is necessary, or an unhealthy pattern needs to be interrupted. This type of communication shouldn’t be ignored.

Instead of joining the world in its quick-fix mindset, cultivate within yourself the ability to thoughtfully look at and address any self-destructive lifestyles and belief systems that lie beneath world issues. Doing so will help you find a more effective remedy, both for your life issues and those of the greater world.. Let go of any fear or resistance you have with exploring more deeply the root causes of the world’s problems. Allow yourself to go to these roots with love and understanding. Try not to close your eyes to what could act as a guide, helping you to become more enlightened.